Friday, July 15, 2016

Movie Pick: NO ONE WILL KNOW [Suspense] Available on Demand / Amazon (Prime) Instant Video

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The film  No One Will Know  brings the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock's classic film Rope  to mind. While nowhere as good as  Hitchcock's iconic film, No One Will Know  keeps the viewer interested.

On the surface, Nathan and Aubrey are the perfect couple. They're young, attractive, wealthy, ambitious, and recently engaged. The film opens on the day of their engagement party at Aubrey's parent's house, a stunning estate on a remote bay outside of San Francisco. Their guest list includes a few close friends from their childhood. Terrance, an outgoing, energetic, life-of-the-party type; Kaitlin, a free spirit; Mimi, an energetic gossip and lush; and Mark, who's on edge about the whereabouts of his girlfriend, Elle, who was supposed to meet him at the party. What the guests don't know is that Nathan and Aubrey are covering up a murder. The picture perfect couple's secret is safe as long as they can stick together and maintain their composure during the party.

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