Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Kim Kardashian Exposes Taylor Swift as a LIAR

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Taylor Swift is a liar. Point blank and the period. She has created this false illusion that she is so innocent, when in actuality she comes off as manipulative, hypocritical and evil. Taylor Swift has mediocre talent and since the 2009 interrupted speech incident, Swift has used mainstream media and the platform that Kanye West propelled her on, to increase her super stardom.

She has played the victim over and over again. At some point, Taylor and Kanye seemed cool with one another. Taylor even rocked a pair of Kanye West's uber popular Yeezy sneakers awhile back. However, when things got a bit heated when the song "Famous" released, Taylor did not come to the defense of Kanye, she jumped on the "Kanye is crazy" bandwagon and played the VICTIM again...a part she knows how to perform flawlessly.

Mainstream media has called Kanye West every name in the book.

Folks called Kanye a liar when he stated Taylor knew about the song and gave the okay. Taylor is a pathetic hypocritical manipulator who has used her music to bash other folks including going after actress Camilla Belle, yet, she is the victim? Chile...Whatever.

Taylor Swift has been exposed as a liar and the evidence will forever live on. Taylor Swift owes Kanye West a public apology. Hell...she owes him twenty percent from every dime she has made since the 2009 speech interruption. Kanye West made Taylor Swift a superstar. She knows this and everybody with half a brain knows it.

Kim Kardashian produced the receipts and exposed Taylor for the trifling and spiteful person she is. I bet Calvin Harris is somewhere with a big smile on his face ever since Taylor got roasted.

Bravo, Mrs. West.


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