Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Congrats: HILLARY CLINTON Makes History!

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On Tuesday evening, Hillary Clinton clinched the Presidential nomination for the Democratic Party. In doing so, making U.S. history as the first woman to become the Presidential nominee for a major political party.

The road to Hillary's victory has been long, yet, accomplished with experience, class and intellect, unlike the circus freak show that is Donald Trump, who has essentially become the Presidential nominee for the Republican Party. Trump was the best they could do.

But, the fact that millions of people are actually voting for Trump is the mind fuck of the century. I'm still waiting for Rod Serling to appear from the dead, hold a press conference and announce that this nightmare has been nothing more than just a long ass episode of The Twilight Zone.

We can only hope that whatever spell Trump has placed on a sector of the population will wear off soon. There simply cannot be that many fools in America. I digress.

It is now time for Bernie Sanders to bow out and begin the journey of uniting the Democratic which fractures were implemented in part, by Bernie Sanders campaign and supporters. I don't want to include all of Sanders' supporters in the category of bat shit crazy, that is reserved for Trump's Stepford Trolls, but the evilness that many showed Clinton supporters was astounding. It was something you would expect from Trump's camp, not from people who claim one thing, but act a fool when they don't get their way.

This is serious folks. Donald Trump cannot be our next President. It is time to unite the party and stop the pettiness. Bernie Sanders looks petty and delusional the longer he stays in this race with no path to win.

Congrats to Hillary Clinton and her well deserved victory. This is one for the history books!

Watch Hillary Clinton's Victory Speech:

Visit Hillary Clinton's official campaign website. Donate, get involved and help Hillary Clinton continue on the journey to the White House and defeat Donald Trump.

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