Thursday, January 21, 2016

[Video] - 1.19.16: Candace Cameron Bure Walks Off THE VIEW Set After Falling ILL

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On Tuesday's episode of The View, the panel had a spirited debate about the lack of diversity in this year's list of Academy Award nominations. Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg spoke her opinion and it appeared as though some weren't on the same page.

At one point, Candace Cameron Bure had interesting facial expressions throughout the discussion. Joy turned to Candace and they started playfully talking to one another to ease the heated debate. Whoopi jokingly stated if she had to talk about God, they were going to talk about movies. This didn't help Candace's facial expressions. Whoopi then asked Candace if she needed some orange juice. Immediately after the segment, Candace stood up and walked off the set...she didn't return.

Candace later tweeted she wasn't upset about the discussion, she was actually ill.

Social media lit up speculating that she walked off the set for another reason.

On Wednesday, Candace was absent due to the flu. [Cough]

Candace explains why she left abruptly via E! News:

Side Note: I'm not speculating on whether or not Candace was actually sick or not. The fact is anyone with eyes could SEE the tension at the table and the facial expressions Candace kept on her face, including smirks. I'm just saying. By the way, I have nothing against Candace, she seems like a nice person. I also look forward in seeing the Full House reboot, Fuller House when it premieres on Netflix. However, to be a permanent co-host on The View, you must have thick skin. It is called "The View" for a reason. Everyone has their own opinion, so there will be heated discussions. Deal.

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