Saturday, October 17, 2015

Horror Movie Pick of the Day: THE VISITANT [2014]

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Based on Actual Events. Samantha plays a 'Fortune Teller' at a local carnival, but she is a skeptic about the 'paranormal & supernatural'. But alone in her house she discovers that there are dark forces that don't care whether she believes or not.

Side Note: First, let me say...the trailer for The Visitant doesn't do justice for the movie. In my opinion, this movie was actually quite entertaining. The Visitant is an excellent example of how a low budget film can be made correctly; both visually and with quality special effects.

In addition, huge shout out to the set designer of this film. The majority of the movie takes place in a residential home and the set design worked perfectly. It was stylish, yet, simplistic without being over the top. The mise-en-scene was flawless. I even loved the small touches the milk container, the fruit bowl, the glass containers on the bathroom vanity and even the craft of the portable tray. They weren't boring "things" --the items had character. Yes...I notice things like this in movies.

So, with all that being not let the trailer deter you from a solid paranormal must see. Interestingly enough, the film is based on actual events.

You have yet another reason to watch!

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