Tuesday, April 28, 2015

[Video] - Freddie Gray's Family Appalled By Violence

Side Note: For some reason, the comment by the white anchorwoman in the studio didn't sit well. She stated that the family was "very soft spoken." I mean she stated it like she expected them to be loud and belligerent by nature. Completely out of pocket and foul.

If folks don't know what to say while reporting a news story from an anchor desk...just shut the hell up and let your co-anchor handle it. Just ignorant.

In addition, it was so intrusive for the cameras to even be put in the faces of Freddie Gray's family right after his funeral. I mean really. Dang.

My condolences to Freddie Gray's family during this difficult time. Hopefully they will be able to get legal justice for the horrific death of their loved one.

Rest in peace, Freddie Gray.

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