Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tony Goldwyn Talks The Divide, The Innocence Project, Scandal and Dating Black Women (in the past) + Friendly PR Advice

Tony Goldwyn has been promoting the new drama, The Divide, like crazy over the past week or so. Tony is an Executive Producer of the show, he is not part of the cast.

The tense drama premiered last night. It is definitely a show I would recommend and look forward to seeing the mystery unfold.

Interviews include: CBS This Morning and Sway in the Morning (Very interesting interview, I must say.)

By the way...I had to comment on this. The caption for the video below, states that this was Tony Goldwyn and Jane Musky. (Jane Musky is his wife of almost 30 years and they have two daughters.)

However, it is not Tony's wife in the video, its his oldest daughter. This mistake continues to happen with paparazzi. A plethora of pictures list the woman with him as his wife, when in fact its his daughter. It is getting bizarre.

After pondering a moment, the mix up; while no excuse, is happening because Tony rarely attends functions with his wife. Hell the only time I recall seeing them together was via photos from the White House Correspondents Dinner, a couple of years ago.. I recall thinking... that was interesting...because prior to that, I honestly thought Tony was seeing someone else. (I will not comment further on that, due the respect I have for Tony and the other person in question...because there are still some off vibes I'm getting that says something is off...but, again I'm going to leave that alone.) I wish the couples all the best.

[To clarify... I thought Tony Goldwyn was SEPARATED from his wife of nearly thirty years; due to the fact that the couple seemed never to appear publicly together....for years. That is until the WH Correspondents' Dinner in 2013. It is not uncommon for married couples, famous or not; to decide to live apart...lead separate lives...while remaining "legally" married for various reasons. I thought this was his status. I suppose I was mistaken, based on the events that we (the public) are to believe.]

I will offer this friendly advice...folks are talking and folks have eyes and are putting the dots together. Whatever folks choose to do in their private you. Some folks need to change tactics because its not working. I would suggest a one-time family photo op with a mainstream magazine, an event where both couples are in attendance and appear friendly with one another, and/or the newlywed couple, who celebrated their first anniversary last month, attend the Primetime Emmy Awards together. Shut the rumors down, because the talk is loud and its distracting. These folks are too talented to let this get out of hand. At some point, you MUST take action and stop the scandalous talk and swing the focus back to just the WORK!

Regardless if it is true or not... its a PR nightmare brewing, but; it doesn't have to be.

If it were just a few instances of gossipy blurbs...yeah..ignore it. However, too many folks are commenting and whispering about it to be silent or not to take action within ones own camp.

Handle it!


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