Friday, July 18, 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio Fighting to Get an Autographed Nelson Mandela Photo Returned to Him

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Leonardo DiCaprio wants back the autographed photo he never received from Nelson Mandela. The 2007 snap shot is in the hands of a memorabilia and autographs dealer, Moments in Time. The dealer has placed the photo up for sale to the tune of $25,000.

Leonardo DiCaprio, ain't having it. He is demanding the photo back, stating that it is his property. According to, Page Six,who is the source for this story, Hollywood attorney, Steve Warren, reportedly sent a letter to the dealer, stating the photo belongs to the actor, who never received the photo that was meant for him.

Moments in Time's Gary Zimet replied back saying "They think by trying to intimidate me that they can get the picture for free. The provenance is ironclad. Leo is welcome to buy it.

 Wow, that's cold.

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