Wednesday, July 16, 2014

[Audio] - The Comcast Customer Service Call From Hell

Comcast customer, Ryan Block, who is employed at AOL and is co-founder of gdgt, attempted to disconnect his service. However he and his wife were met with an unbelievably annoying and combative customer service representative who spent nearly twenty minutes badgering the customers.

Block's wife initiated the call and became aggravated when the call went on for ten minutes. Block took over the call and it continued for an additional eight minutes. Finally the CSR disconnected the service.

After all that non-sense, the customer service rep. had the audacity to say he didn't have a confirmation number for the disconnection. He suggested the former customers wait three weeks for the last statement.

Many companies have poor customer service, and its such poetic justice that Mr. Block recorded this incident to shed light on how some employees fail to do their job accordingly.

While I'm sure Comcast expects feedback from customers cancelling their service, the CSR was told multiple times to just cancel it. He should have moved on from there. The call should have never taken more than five minutes.

Big ups to Ryan Block for having the patience to deal with that craziness.

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