Saturday, April 19, 2014

ORPHAN BLACK Season 2 Premieres Tonight at 9PM EST on BBC America [DVR-Alert]

One of my favorite new shows is the BBC sci-fi drama, ORPHAN BLACK. Folks have been raving about this show.

(I'm also watching the first seasons of GAME OF THRONES and HOUSE OF CARDS.) I mean really, there are way too many good quality television shows on tv to watch them all. There is no way to watch them all, unfortunately, some fall by the wayside. Anywho, I digress.

So, over the past two weeks, I was able to slowly but surely watch the first season; which consisted of ten episodes. (Btw..I was able to watch the first season completely free via my Amazon Prime account....gotta love Amazon Prime.)

So tune in or set your DVRs for the second season or catch up on the first season. Either way...just do it. The first episode will pull you in. It's an excellent show.

Check the trailer below:


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