Friday, March 14, 2014

[Video] - Porsha Williams Walked Away With Basically NOTHING From Her Divorce Settlement

Side Note: This is hella ridiculous.

I don't know who in the hell was representing Porsha in her divorce settlement proceedings, but, they definitely didn't do her any good.

There is no way in the world Porsha should not have at least received: 1) The marital home 2) Credit cards paid off.  3)One million dollar lump cash payout - along with the car, ring, clothes and personal items she received in the settlement.

Although they were married for only around two years, the Stewarts did not have a pre-nuptial agreement. Porsha deserved more than she received.

This just makes one flashback to Porsha's lack of basic black history knowledge...when you're not quite bright, folks will take advantage of you. Do better.

Hopefully Porsha's singing career will take off and her business ventures will flourish.

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