Sunday, March 9, 2014

50 SHADES OF WRONG: The 'Christian Grey' Casting Choice That Would've Set The Film Ablaze

 photo 7d2fd629-941e-4b92-8b81-119695f08d99_zpsa7dc7764.jpg 

The film version of 'Fifty Shades of Grey' is set to premiere 2.13.15. (And it will surely be a monster hit) - I still feel the casting is ridiculous as hell. David Gandy should've been picked to play 'Christian Grey'... I put up comparison of photos, that perfectly confirms the obvious. David's look in the photo (on the right - which has nothing to do with the film, its from an advertisement) SCREAMS 'Christian Grey'.

I'm sure Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson will do alright. However, E.L. James and the film's producers, missed a great opportunity. Poor casting, in my opinion. David would have set movie screens on fire. For sho!

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