Sunday, February 9, 2014

TV FIND: CENTRAL PARK WEST [Tom Verica, Mariel Hemingway, Michael Michele] FULL Episodes

'Central Park West', was a soapy nighttime drama, that aired from 1995-1996, for two seasons. The show was hella good and to this day, I feel the show should have been renewed.

Anywho, the show isn't on DVD and trust and believe, folks are searching for it. Well, a 'fairy-godmother', aka "a Youtuber", has uploaded full episodes of the show. So, when you have some time, start enjoying 'Central Park West' all over again, or get hooked, if you've never watched it before.

The cast was stellar and included Tom Verica, Mariel Hemingway, Michael Michele, Lauren Hutton, John Barrowman, Madchen Amick and Rob Liebman. The show went through a slight change in casting later on. But, you'll get the point, and the show flows..

 Show Synopsis Via Wikipedia:
Central Park West centered around the glamorous and exciting life of the staff of trendy magazine Communique, owned by Allen Rush (Ron Leibman), "the Darth Vader of publishing".

Mariel Hemingway played the role of Stephanie Wells, the newly appointed editor-in-chief of Communique. Central to the plot is the rivalry between Stephanie and Allen's stepdaughter Carrie Fairchild (M├Ądchen Amick), a scheming young woman who does her best to seduce Stephanie's writer husband Mark Merrill (Tom Verica).

The series followed several other ambitious New Yorkers, their love, treachery, hopes and dreams through thick and thin. One of the most notable being the evil and deceitful Australian bombshell Rachel Dennis (Kylie Travis), the new fashion editor at Communique.
Below are the first four episodes of the show. For additional episodes, head to youtube.

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