Tuesday, January 7, 2014

[Video] - SNL Hires African-American Comedian Sasheer Zamata

Side Note: Interesting that 'Saturday Night Live' added a new black cast member, shortly after the ignorant comment Kenan Thompson made, stating that there weren't any funny women comedians of color, who were ready for the gig.

Yet, his black ass is on the show playing every black character birthed into the world.

Perhaps, he was "scuured" of losing air-time. Whatever the case, congrats to Sasheer Zamata. Good to know 'SNL', will have one more "black" on the show, who isn't just for the musical stage.

So, we were good enough to "shuck and jive" on the show, but they didn't want black folks getting a contract gig?

Finally, they woke the hell up. I digress.

Kenan Thompson's Ignorant Comment Discussion:


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