Thursday, January 2, 2014

[Video] - Dwayne Wade Revealed He Had a Son With Another Woman While He & Gabrielle Union Were on a 'Break' In Their Relationship

Side Note: While this is hella messy. It does seem as though Dwayne Wade's "break" story is just for PR. He cheated. Period.

However, Gabrielle Union, got the RING.

Its pathetic how some women will DELIBERATELY get knocked up and use their innocent child as a means to receive exuberant child support payments. Their parents must be SO proud.

I'm not saying this particular case is one of those situations. But...

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Stardoll40 said...

How do you deliberately get knocked up? Doesn't Wade have control over his own "member?" Condoms are excuses. Not only did Gabrielle get the ring but she could now be responsible for child support.