Thursday, October 17, 2013

Yes Gawd, It's 'SCANDAL' THURSDAY!!! Sneak PeeK: S3EP3 'Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington' + Must See Again Scenes

Okay folks... so now it's on to episode 3, airing tonight at 10PM EST on ABC.

But first, one should revisit, 'MUST SEE AGAIN' scenes from the last two episodes.

I swear, 'Daddy (Rowan) Pope' ain't no joke, the Gladiators at 'Pope and Associates' protected 'Olivia', Huck flipped... grabbing 'Olivia's'throat, 'Fitz' and 'Olivia' had airtime and with just a look... the chemistry still sizzled with an undercurrent, 'Mellie' is still... well 'Mellie', and oh.. yeah.. 'Jake' appeared again.

As always... the writing was superb...brilliant, and everyone gave stellar performances, and kicked ass while doing so.

In no particular order.. revisit epic moments from season three.

Side Note: Chile, Kerry Washington's wardrobe on 'Scandal' is always on point, and that white coat she wore in the scene with 'Fitz' was everything!

Speaking of the fashion on 'Scandal', SAKS recently devoted a window collection to the hit show.

Take a peek at

Also, big ups to the Youtubers, for taking the time to create these video clips. Y'all rock!

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