Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Movie Trailer: Amma Asante's 'BELLE' [Gugu Mbatha Raw, Tom Wilkinson] In Theaters 5.2.14

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Belle is based on the real historical character Dido Elizabeth Belle, the mixed–race daughter of a British Naval officer and an African woman. Dido is taken to England by her father, Captain Sir John Lindsay (Matthew Goode), to be raised by his uncle, the Lord Mansfield (Tom Wilkinson), as an aristocratic Lady, as befits her blood line. On the grand estate of Kenwood House, Dido (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) is raised in privilege alongside her cousin Elizabeth Murray (Sarah Gadon) and together they navigate the complex social hierarchies of the time. Dido meets John Davinier (Sam Reid), a young lawyer and apprentice of Lord Mansfield, and a rift grows between her and her protective guardian, who sees John as being beneath Dido. Yet John and Dido’s meeting is the beginning of a love story that catapults Dido onto a path of self-discovery, and forces Lord Mansfield, the Lord Chief Justice, to confront his own views on race, society and the antiquated laws of the time.

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