Tuesday, August 6, 2013


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frankies movie and television nostalgia said...

let me introduce myself i'm frankie smales

the person who that made this happen the

reason for the insite info caption was to

follow both rules and guidelines of youtube

and 20th century fox ent the main reason

for it's global success was that many fans

felt betrayed on how hollywood marketed

the 2011 counterpart of fright night but on

the other hand was to give the fans that

missed out on it's promo drive for the dtv

sequel at last months sd comic con i was lucky

to pick up a usb drive that contains the trailer on it from ebay

so it took me awhile on how to upload it on youtube as when it

hit the trailer got a big response from various sites and a mention

on imdb and now it continues to grow more global by the hours

and mins it's be the first ever non sanctioned internet advertisement

in history that garner me full credit for on various sites i hope every one enjoys

piece out and thanks for the support of this.

frankie smales

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