Tuesday, June 25, 2013

RIP MJ: Four Years Ago Today The LEGEND, The ICONIC Entertainer King Of Pop Michael Jackson Passed

 photo mjackson-2-1.jpg Celebrate the life and legacy of Michael Jackson and revisit some of his best moments. Far too many to pick an actual favorite.... but here's a few.

Michael Jackson is a true ICON, and the greatest entertainer to ever live. Though Michael is often imitated, he can never ever be replaced or duplicated. R.I.P.

Videos listed:

*Smile, *1987 BAD Concert Japan, *MJ Private Home Videos Movie, *DANGEROUS Live performance MTV 1995, *The Way You Make Me Feel/Man In The Mirror Live - The Grammy Awards 1988, *Shake Your Body Jackson 5, *Come Together Video, *Billie Jean Live Motown 25


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