Sunday, June 23, 2013

OH HELL NO Files: Paula Deen Said WHAT!!? [Video] + She Wanted To Make A SAMBO Burger!!!

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ICYMI: Paula Deen wanted to name a burger on her show the "Sambo" burger. Producers told her they didn't think that would be a good idea (Oh really! You think!?), so she changed the name of the burger.

Well when the ish hits the fan.. the ish hits the fan!

Remember the Tiger Woods incident where he hit that tree and all those skanks started falling from it? Well Paula Deen's racist ass ways are falling from her 'tree'... one by one, each branch that falls is as ugly as the previous one.

It is astounding that the information that's now coming forth has actually been hiding in plain sight. Yet no one, who was aware of it, seemed to think it was an issue, (which is hella crazy) until Paula's secret of being a good ole' ripe southern racist came bursting out.

The revelations went public and black twitter dragged Paula Deen's butter lovin ass till it was raw. (My side still hurts from reading the tweets. Best damn twitter entertainment ever! *WipingATear*)

So now the world knows Paula used/uses the N-word... okay.. not cool, but we have "freedom of speech" in this country. She can say whatever she wants (but these type of folks should be prepared to get punched in the face if said to the wrong person at the wrong time}, she also wanted to throw a traditional southern wedding with black men dressed like slaves serving the white folks. With all that being said... while you can SAY whatever the hell you want to say, you also have to be prepared for the consequences of your actions. 

If you're a celebrity.. not just a celebrity, but a BRAND that has a massive following, including a huge black demographic that watches your shows, buys your productss, etc... for that celebrity to then make certain derogatory, offensive and ignorant comments about one of their biggest fan bases, shows their lack of intelligence, class, professionalism and business savvy.

You will lose fans, sponsors and lucrative contracts. Not only that, Paula Deen couldn't even fake a decent heartfelt apology.

But just when you thought it couldn't get worse, more troubling comments made by Paula Deen are making the rounds on the web. Take a listen at what Paula Deen had to say about her great grandfather, (who was a slave owner) and the outrageous comments she made about one of her black employees who was with her. Video below.


F'ing ridiculous! This ish ain't even funny. The audience laughs and Hollis actually walked up on stage and stood proudly beside his "massa"...oops excuse me... I meant to say his "boss". He might as well should have just started "shucking and jiving" and tapped danced right back off the stage.

WTF was he thinking standing there looking like Morgan Freeman's character from "Driving Miss Daisy"!? Ugh! Paula Deen is disgusting!

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