Thursday, May 2, 2013

Worth Another Watch? Yaaasss! - SCANDAL S2/Ep.19 "Seven Fifty-Two" + TV Trailer For Tonight's Episode

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One week ago today, millions of diehard SCANDAL GLADIATORS tuned in to watch another riveting, captivating, outstanding and stellar episode of Shonda Rhimes' ABC masterpiece SCANDAL. The episode matched it's biggest audience ratings yet.

Episode 19 titled "SEVEN FIFTY-TWO", was like a reward to Gladiators around the world. We were dang near losing our minds during the three week hiatus the show took.

Luckily there are fabulous Youtubers who post amazing vids, message boards, etc where we can all gather and discuss the scandalicious plots and theories about what we think will happen next on the show.

With all that being said, Gladiators prepared for the 10PM hour (in their time zone), chilling wine, popping popcorn, maybe ordering in pizza or Chinese food, but definitely having wine and snacks on deck to watch a masterful piece of television.

As the episode began and ended an hour later, I was stunned. Simply bewildered at the array of different emotions this show takes you through as a viewer. Standing ovation to Guillermo Diaz (Huck), who had me tearing up as his back story unfolded before us. (I won't spoil the episode for those who has yet to see it.) Diaz was absolutely breathtaking. An Emmy worthy performance for sure.

Bravo to the writers as well. The ever changing, not as it seems plot twists continue to take the drama, suspense, surprises, betrayal and treachery to new heights. Oh how we mustn't forget the phenomenal pairing of Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn. The characters 'Fitz' and 'Oliva' in this episode was everything. They were on fire as ALWAYS!

But just when you thought... Oh my gawd... They're back together, Shonda and her crew yanked us back with a resounding... Not so fast folks!

The entire cast deserves a plethora of accolades. They are kicking ass each and every week. There are only three episodes left. Make sure you are tuned in tonight for episode 20, which is super special because it is directed by the one and only Mr. Tony Goldwyn.

'Mellie' is on the war path!

Missed last week's episode or just want to watch it again? Check below.

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