Sunday, January 13, 2013

Must See TV: SCANDAL Season 2 - Episode 10 "One For The Dog" [FULL EPISODE]

Well it was near torture waiting weeks for a new episode of SCANDAL, but it arrived just in the nick of time last Thursday, and it DID NOT disappoint!

As always, the show kept you on the edge of your seat, had your emotions all over the place. When the commercials hit, you realized you could breathe again.

The captivating plot twists on SCANDAL, coupled with a genius writing team and stellar cast performances, continues to make this show the best on television.

Congrats go out to the entire cast, writers and crew of SCANDAL. The show has become a massive hit and each week the ratings increase.

As I always say... if you're not watching SCANDAL, you're missing one hell of a show.

Anywho, check out episode 10.