Friday, November 30, 2012

OMG AGAIN!!! SCANDAL Season 2 - Episode 7 'DEFIANCE' Full Episode + Highlights + Afterbuzz TV Recap!

Okay dang it I had to remember to breathe last night while watching this show! LOL

Bravo again to Shonda Rhimes, the writers, the cast... they are killing it!

OMG the episode last night was everything! It was giving me life throughout! The build up of the last few seconds of the episode were nerve racking because you could feel something was going to go down.

The tense emotional drama of the President viewing photos of Olivia Pope with Edison, confirming the realization that she had moved on was extraordinary yet difficult to watch. The amazing Tony Goldwyn [Fitz] made that scene, the emotions on his face [anger, pain, jealousy, hurt] were heartbreaking.

The additional story lines in the episode last night were superb as well. The hunting of the 'rigged' voting machines[when Cyrus finds out what his hubby has been up to. Uh oh] and the 'eccentric' billionaire.

Y'all already know I luv this show. This is what happens when you have uber talented writers, actors, crew members giving you the best dang ensemble ever. I shall keep saying it, if you are not watching SCANDAL, you are missing the best show on television.

 The Highlights: