Monday, November 26, 2012

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Gets Out Of Pocket While THE VIEW Panel Discussed The Chris Brown / Jenny Johnson Twitter Feud!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck stuck her foot in her mouth yet again today on THE VIEW while discussing Chris Brown deleting his twitter account after a twitter battle with unknown comedian Jenny Johnson.

Keep in mind, this Jenny person went after Chris Brown FIRST, insulting him for no apparent reason other than to get her much needed 15 minutes of fame. So Chris Brown responded to the venom throwing Jenny J as he had a right to do.

Well Elisabeth Hasselbeck felt Chris Brown's response was like a 'VERBAL RAPE' against Jenny Johnson. [BLANK STARE]

Elisabeth using the term 'rape' in any way shape or form is slanderous and irresponsible. She is on a platform where she reaches millions of homes daily and to imply what she did was uncalled for. She needs to apologize to Chris Brown on air TOMORROW, and she needs to be reprimanded. 

But what's interesting is that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is such a hypocrite. She insulted sports reporter Erin Andrews while Erin was competing in 'Dancing With The Stars' with a very irresponsible remark about Erin's costumes.

 Listed below are videos showing the following:

1: Elisabeth Hasselbeck's comment about Chris Brown
2. Elisabeth Hasselbeck's comments about Erin Andrews [2 vids]
3. Erin Andrews response to EH's comment
4. Elisabeth's fake ass apology to Erin Andrews on air