Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Update: [Video] - Leah Remini Says Sharon Osbourne Is The Reason For Firings!

*Leah has no reason to lie. Anywho, after Leah and Holly were fired, "The Talk" was deleted from my DVR record lineup with a quickness. The show is now a snooze fest. BORING!

Julie Chen is sooooooooo fake it's beyond ridiculous! Marrying the head of CBS and getting all the cushiony jobs at CBS is nepotism overload!

Thought Sharon Osbourne was cool but her azz needs to go have a seat. After the dysfunctional lifestyle she bought her children up in and had it blasted all over MTV she has some nerve calling somebody ghetto. [If what Leah is reporting is accurate.]

Ironically Holly Robinson Peete landed a recurring role on CBS' hit show "Mike & Molly". I wonder if they gave that to her so she wouldn't sue their behinds. Hmmmmm....

Thank goodness "The View" is still on!

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