Friday, March 16, 2012

Update: Michael Fassbender & Nicole Beharie Spotted In NY Looking Cozy!


The rumors continue to run rampant that Michael Fassbender and Nicole Beharie are a couple. The "Shame" co-stars have been spotted together recently in London. On lookers say the two looked extremely close.

Well fast forward to this week, after sightings with no pictures, finally pics hit the web that show Michael and Nicole looking mighty "coupled up" in New York.

[Pics from this week in NY]




Y'all know after all that chemistry they had going on in that movie, it was bound to spill over into real-life.

Michael just seems like the type that will blow your back out in a good way!!! Get it girl!!! LOL

Anywho.. fab couple!!!


Now if you flashback a moment, their body language last year during promotional appearances screamed "togetherness".

Photo & Vid From Last Year:

Fassy meeting !!! from Emmy on Vimeo.

About the vid... Their arrival was very telling and Nicole Beharie's behavior on the red carpet was that of waiting on her man.

However must point out that no confirmation has been given that they are a couple. Speculation only. But chile please, for now sista got that man! So haters fall the hell back!!!

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