Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mark Cuban Gets Out Of Pocket With Remark! + LaLa Gets Booted From A Game!

Mark Cuban tells Kenyon Martin’s mom that the Nuggets and her son are thugs, for no reason what-so-ever.

Then....La La Gets removed from game..details below:

In the next game LaLa was booted out for getting into with the Dallas fans that were going in hard on their son sitting with her:

While Melo unsuccessfully tried to lead his Nuggets to a victory in Dallas, his fiance, LaLa Vazquez, who is a judge on VH1’s “Charm School,” got into it with some people sitting near her. In the video, shot by KDFW in Dallas, a visibly upset LaLa can be seen trying to throw something and then cussing at security as they tried to get her to leave. Talk about a heated series. SMH

Side Note: LaLa should not have been escorted out, it should have been the other person. La La never causes any problems at games...Yet they throw her out....That's crazy!

One Youtube Blogger's Response To Mark Cuban's Remark....

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