Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tyrese Quits Music To Focus On Films After Conversation With Will Smith!

Tyrese has decided to end his music career to focus on Hollywood - after a conversation with rapper-turned-actor and my favorite actor WILL SMITH. Details below:


The Transformers hunk had success in singing and modelling before hitting the big screen, but he’s now looking to establish himself as a Hollywood A-lister after taking advice from superstar Smith.

And the talk has not only given Gibson a new perspective on his future career - he has a new leaner physique too.

He says, “I had one of the heaviest and deepest conversations with Will Smith and he said to me, ‘Tyrese, you are 29 years old, and I just turned 40… If you take this acting thing serious for the next three years it’s gonna change your life forever.’ So I shut down everything on the music side and I lost about forty six pounds training with Will Smith and his trainer Darrel Forster, and it’s just pure film focus now man.

“Everyone in music is trying to transition into Hollywood. I figure I’m here with Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg and all the other A-listers, I can’t take the situation for granted anymore, and keep doing movies and music and music and movies… going back and forth. So I just cleared out everything that’s got to do with music. I’ll totally focus on acting and see how far this takes me.”

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