Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Donald Trump Calls Rihanna A Loser + Details About Rihanna's Statement To The LAPD!

Donald Trump speaks out about the Chris Brown and Rihanna drama. Details below:

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Donald recently lashed out at Rihanna, telling Inside Edition he would have “fired” the “Umbrella” singer for going back to Brown.

“She better get the hell out,” he says. “If she goes back, she’s a loser and she doesn’t deserve to have any future success.” (Blank Stare!...Who the F do he think he is? He has stepped beyond the line with that statement. I guess you can't buy "CLASS"...)
Trump is of course referring to the now infamous “alleged” Feb. 8 fight between Chris and Rihanna, which left her with a battered face.


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Rihanna told cops about two fights with Chris Brown that preceded her alleged one in a rented Lamborghini last month. Contrary to some reports, neither episode involved a beating of the pop princess or injuries, a source close to the situation said.

“The first incident was in Europe about three months ago,” the source said, citing Rihanna’s official statements to cops. “It was a verbal dispute. She slapped him, he responded. He shoved her. There were no witnesses and no injuries.” The second incident, said the source, was in Barbados. “It was a fight over a Range Rover,” the source said. “She says he broke the window. Nobody was injured and it was not reported.”

Reports that Brown had “beaten” Rihanna in the past are “absolutely inaccurate,” the source said. Brown, 19, was charged with felony assault Thursday and is due for arraignment April 6.The tempestuous couple, meanwhile, has reunited romantically, multiple sources said. “He’s with her, they’re together. They’re not just seeing each other (platonically),” a source said Monday.

An on-again romance could spell trouble for prosecutors, who would have to base their case on other evidence including photos, prior statements and witness accounts.

One wildcard could be the crucial 911 call that led cops to Rihanna, 21.

The caller told cops he could not identify either party, a source with knowledge of the police report said, and that he heard a female screaming but not screaming for help.

“He stated that the odd thing about the incident was how she was screaming out of control and how he appeared to be extremely calm,” the source said. “And when he exited (the vehicle), it was with a calm demeanor.”

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