Saturday, March 7, 2009

Comedians Joe Torry and Vanessa Fraction Get Into A Physical Altercation!

People have just lost their dayum minds!! Sources are saying, while on the bus touring in Japan, comedians Vanessa Fraction and Joe Torry got into some sort of a physical altercation. Details Below:

Vanessa Fraction on Def Comedy Jam

Joe Torry Roasting Shaq

The story varies on this unfortunate incident, but both sides do agree on certain things, and here is what is stated as fact; Both comedians for some sort of reason got into a “crack session” where they decided to crack on each other, and Fraction took it to a level that bothered Torry by going through the entire alphabet and coming up with cracks for each letter. Immediately after there was some name calling between both parties.

Now here is where the story differs; according to Fraction, Torry immediately jumped up in her face and slammed her down into the bus seat and it took other comics Red Bone and Will E. Robo (both of whom were also on the tour) to pull Torry off of her. Fraction also claims that Torry punched her and pulled out a handful of hair.

Torry denies all of the above claims by Fraction, and he claims that Fraction jumped up in his face and scratched him, and that she was extremely unruly to the entire bus, the tour guide and many more folks involved in the tour. He also claims that he did apologize to her for the incident, and that it should have never gotten this far.

Meanwhile, Fraction is currently trying to press charges in Los Angeles, as she was unable to do so while in Japan. Torry was temporarily held by the Military Police right before one of their final shows and was later released. Also Fraction plans to move forward with a civil suit against Torry.

After President Obama took office, I wrongly assumed all this buffoonery would cease or at least dwindle down........WTH???

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